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Head on over to my new site: DUCKY DOES TV

This will be the new home for all of our discussions about SYTYCD and all things TV related.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Spoilers: Top 8 Perform

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Read all about the CHUCK panel at Comic-Con over at Ducky Does TV!

Still loving this damn show and seriously Zachary Levi is going to be a frakkin’ rockstar!

Comic-Con MOONLIGHT Preview: Day 2

LOST Season 4 Spoilers: Comic-Con Panel

I’ve got my write up of the LOST panel and some juicy spoilers over at: DUCKY DOES TV!

New Site, New Look:

Hey gang, loyal readers, friends, and frenemies… I’m busy working on creating a more TV centric domain and I’ve created

Ducky Does TV

Please head on over to the new site, and let me know what you think of the design and layout. I’m in the middle of transferring all the posts from here over to there and shortly that will be our new home. I hope you enjoy the new site and layout. Please comment.

COMIC-CON Scoop All Weekend

Comic-ConI leave in a mere 5 hours for sunny San Diego where I’ll probably see no sun or feel no summer loving as I’ll be spending all of my time inside the San Diego Convention Center with 200,000 of my closest geek friends.

COMIC-CON 2007 begins tomorrow and I’m there all weekend with GMMR and some other TV Bloggers for the biggest group of television panels a fan could dream of.

Want LOST scoop? Heroes Spoilers? Supernatural Hotties? Battlestar’s Final Season Spoiler? The dish on new shows like Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Bionic Woman, Reaper, Moonlight, Journeyman, and many more? Want a podcast chock full of these goodies? Well, keep checking back all weekend as I’ll try and post some updates each night.

Want to follow me all day, Thursday through Sunday while I try and get Lee Pace naked? Follow me on TWITTER! There’s also a Twitter panel on the right hand sidebar. Check back for updates throughout the day, all day, all weekend!

While I’m gone, please head on over to my new site… DUCKY DOES TV! I’m in the midst of moving all posts there so that will be Ducky’s new home very very very soon! Let me know what you think. I love the new layout and I’m still working on all the content so bear with me.

May the force be with you or something dorky like that!


So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance introduced us to the Top 10 this week and there was some hardcore dancing, some hardcore personalities, some hardcore dissing, and some hardcore overdoing of John Mayer.

Quickly because I leave for the airport in 6 hours and have to sleep at some point… I love having Mia back as a Judge! An Emmy nominated Judge at that! I was psyched to see Wade get his shot at choreographing this new twist in the show. All of the solo’s will be the exact same routine which gives us a chance to critique each dancers take on the choreography. I was psyched to see me some Neil in some tight polyester and I was psyched to just have the show on!

Lacey is one hot sexy ass lady. Her Mormon relatives must flip their lids to see her sex it up as she does. WOW can the girl command a stage. Working it out from front to back, there was nothing wrong with her performance. Flawless. Danny’s as well. She ate him alive, but the boy can move.

Neil and Sara
were electric, energetic, and quite the disco duo! Those pants did not disappoint, I love Neil even more now! Hot Tamales!

Sabra and Kameron were good I thought. She was absolutely stunning to watch and he was better than he has been for weeks. I get that he’s still lacking something but you’ve got to hand it to the kid for trying! I still miss Sabra and Dominic together though, don’t you?

Dominic and Jaimie’s Viennese Waltz was soooo not what I expected. It was not the Viennese Waltz we’ve come to know and love. She is always stunning with her lines and all but this was hands down Dom’s worst week. Like Mia said, 1 bad week… not too shabby!

Lauren and Pasha were really good tonight, I hate to admit it. The whole transformers opening and close were incredible to watch and sooooo perfectly in sync. I still don’t like her though. She annoys me.

Remember how I said I was excited for Wade’s choreography? Yeah, it wasn’t his best and to then see it 10 times was a little, how do I say this… TOO FRAKKIN’ MUCH! If I had to hear John Mayer say he was waiting for that world to change one more time, I was going to turn on every light in the house, run every air conditioner and start dumping oil into the Boston Harbor. That world needed to END!

In theory it was a good try. I did like watching how each one was different. Of the girls, I thought Sara, Sabra, and Lacey were the best. Of the boys, Neil, Pasha, and Danny.

So who goes home and who stays? Ideally I want Lauren gone. I worry about Jaimie because her solo was weak and then getting stuck with Dom was not good for her this week. Over on the guys side, it’s gotta be Kameron right? Poor Kam Kam!

Oh and how funny that once again Cousin Heidi got NO LOVE AT ALL? Dmitry’s up there shaking his thang and there’s poor Cousin Heidi screaming LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, I’M ON TV AGAIN! Tragic.

Raise your hand if you wanted to KNOCK ON NEIL’S WOOD?

Reminder: DAMAGES Premieres Tonight

Write yourselves an email, write it on the back of your hand, send a courier pigeon to your house, call your voicemail, staple a note to your newborn child, do something that reminds you to watch the premiere of DAMAGES on FX tonight at 10pm.

Damages FX

This show will blow your mind! You will not be sorry. Here’s my DAMAGES PREMIERE REVIEW.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: On Set Report With MellieMel

So You Think You Can Dance

Ducky reader MELLIEMEL (hiding her real name for gangsta purposes I presume) was lucky enough to attend the taping of last night’s SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Top 10 performances. As she promised last week, she’s bringing us all the scoop from inside the house!

MellieMel will spoil you, she’ll treat us, and she’ll make you laugh when we go ON SET WITH MELLIEMEL!

Meet SUPERNATURAL’s Lauren Cohen

The second female regular being added to SUPERNATURAL this season is Bela, a supernatural arms dealer of sorts. Bela is being played by actress Lauren Cohen.

Here are a few pictures of SUPERNATURAL’s Lauren Cohen from The CW TCA’s:
Lauren Cohen Supernatural Katie Cassidy, Lauren Cohen Supernatural Lauren Cohen Supernatural

Don’t forget to meet Katie Cassidy as well.

Meet SUPERNATURAL’s Katie Cassidy

SUPERNATURAL adds two females this season and one of them is Katie Cassidy who plays fellow demon hunter, Ruby.

Here are some pictures of Katie Cassidy from The CW TCA’s.

Katie Cassidy Supernatural Katie Cassidy Supernatural Katie Cassidy Supernatural

Photos Courtesy of Starpulse

PSYCH Recaps With Mel: “65 Million Years”

Psych USA

Season 2 - Episode 2: “65 Million Years”
Recap by: Mel

As usual, we open in 1987, where Mini-Gus walks into the classroom wearing a gigantic, hollow T-Rex head that he made. And since he’s, like, 8, you’d probably think it’s all ugly and messy and paper-mache-y and, like, brontosaurus-shaped, right? WRONG. IT’S PRETTY AND T-REX-SHAPED. I love Mini-Gus. Mini-Shawn made -ahem, more like bought- a T-rex, too, which is like eight inches tall and strapped to a remote-control car, and everyone forgets about Mini-Gus. Sad.

Present day, and Lassie is staring down some dude who finally confesses, and apparently this is his eight billionth confession in a row and all his po-po compadres are way proud of him. By the way, Lassie’s first name is CARLTON. As in The CARLTON Dance on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’?! HA! Remember when they broke William Shatner’s tooth, and Carlton was all, “Don’t worry, Captain. We’ll get you to the dentist, WARP SPEED!” I love Carlton. Anyways, Shawn is feeling cast aside, and hits on Jules some, then follows Lassie to a crime scene on the beach. He sees the puncture wounds on the body, and does his spazzy and constipated psychic schtick, drawing a surprisingly well-shaded and happy-looking T-Rex portrait. Lassie, Jules, and Chief pretty much ignore him, which makes me a little sad. Segue to Gus, WHO IS VERY AND I MEAN VERY UPSET WITH SHAWN, and refuses to accompany him to the morgue to view Dead Punctured Guy.



Wow, we’re into the Top 10 America! So You Think You Can Dance is heating up and its time for the pairings to get a little remix and its time for the dancers to show us what they have when they perform solos each week.

If you want to know the couplings and routines for this coming Wednesday night’s performance, they are revealed after the jump.

What TV Show Should I Download?

As you know, Comic-Con is this coming Thursday and the following week I’ve got some traveling to do as well. That means lots of time on airplanes. To be exact, there are 4, 5 or 6 hour flights in the next two weeks and I need something to watch!

What Show Should I Download From iTunes?

  • Psych (Season 1)
  • The Starter Wife
  • Bones (Season 1)
  • Jericho (Finish Season 1)
  • Kyle XY (Finish Season 1)